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Evil Eye: A stylish way to ward off malevolence

Aruna Harjani

The Jakarta Post

Istanbul  /  Mon, July 29, 2019  /  05:22 pm
Evil Eye: A stylish way to ward off malevolence

Must-have: The Turkish amulet is often given to newborns to protect them from negativity. (Shutterstock/agean)

When you visit Turkey, it is almost certain that you will see a blue bead with an eye in the center called the Evil Eye. More than just a souvenir, the Evil Eye is believed to have supernatural powers that ward off negative forces. So significant is the amulet to Turkish culture that people incorporate the Evil Eye in many parts of their lives, from carving Evil Eyes into cement floors, giving a talisman to a newborn or simply using it as jewelry or home décor. Powerful pendant: The Evil Eye bead comes in various shades, but blue is said to be the most effective in warding off negative energies. (JP/Aruna Harjani) Although it is famously known as a Turkish ornament, the evil eye was first created and used as a talisman in Syria in 3500 BC.  “The first few ones created were abstract amulets from Tell Brak, Syria, as idols with incised forms carved on alaba...