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Game review: Vampire delight through ‘Castlevania’s Anniversary Collection’

Marcel Thee

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Tue, August 27, 2019  /  12:07 pm
Game review: Vampire delight through ‘Castlevania’s Anniversary Collection’

The hunt is on: 'Castlevania Anniversary Collection' celebrates the legacy of one of video gaming's most popular and long-running franchise. (Courtesy of Konami/-)

The eight Castlevania games selected for the anniversary collection here sum up the franchise's fine run from the first entry, 1986's Castlevania, to the newest one here, 1994's Castlevania: Bloodlines, which was exclusively released on Sega's Genesis (Megadrive in Asia) console. The vampire-hunting Belmont family may be cursed as heck, but their continual adventures in trying to kill their sworn enemy in Dracula have nonetheless provided hours upon hours of gaming fun. For a series that has spanned more than 30 related titles, including spin-offs and more, the exclusion and inclusion of certain titles can always be debated, but the franchise's developer Konami has done well in picking a collection of games that showcase the series' overarching appeal and particular style of gameplay and mood. It's a Gothic delight that is equally creepy, goofy and fu...