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Back in Bandung: Chusin's artistic journey

Arya Dipa

The Jakarta Post

Bandung, West Java  /  Mon, October 21, 2019  /  03:15 pm
Back in Bandung: Chusin's artistic journey

On camera: A visitor takes pictures of Chusin Setiadikara’s work titled "Fish and Wood Scale" at his exhibition in Bandung, West Java. (JP/Arya Dipa)

It took 32 years before painter Chusin Setiadikara finally returned to his birthplace in Bandung, West Java, the place where he first learned his craft, for his solo exhibition. In the exhibition, titled Balik Bandung (Back to Bandung) held at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, the 70-year-old, renowned for his realism works, invited the public to interpret the dynamism he had perceived throughout his career. Over the last two years, the artist has focused his works on durian found inside kresek (plastic bags) as seen through the displayed pieces Durian in Kresek #1 and Durian in Kresek #2, looking like photographic works. In these paintings, Chusin perfectly replicated the elasticity of the bag with the durian inside, its sharp thorns protruding from the thin material. Up close: A visitor views durian-inspired works by artist Chusin Setiadikara on display in his solo exhibition in B...