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'Charlie's Angels' a flirty-fierce, passable reboot

Teresa Yovela

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, November 14, 2019  /  06:10 pm

Feminism is undeniably a trending topic in Hollywood these days. Some love it; others consider it overplayed. 

This year’s Charlie’s Angels reboot starts with the (rather cliché) line, “I think women can do anything.” A flirty-fierce fight scene ensues, sending a clear message that women are not to be messed with.   

Elizabeth Banks is the director, writer and star of the film, and judging from Pitch Perfect 2 and 3, which she directed as well, Banks is making “girl power” her trademark. Her script includes bits of the old storyline to pull off surprising twists, but the hand-to-hand fighting techniques and practical effects are what give the movie a more modern touch. 

In the spirit of the early 2000s version, the new Charlie’s Angels follows the story of three women fighting crime and bonding along the way. Kristen Stewart is the comedic and unpretentious Sabina, whose backstory involves growing up in a wealthy family. Fellow angel Jane, played by British newcomer Ella Balinska, is a former MI6 agent, a science geek and an overall badass. 

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The one who serves the storyline most, however, is Aladdin actress Naomi Scott, whose character Elena is targeted after she points out that her revolutionary tech invention can be weaponized. As a temporary angel, Elena is smart and quirky, although sometimes miserable as she struggles to catch up with her teammates. 

Townsend Agency has now gone international, with numerous Bolseys around the world. John Bolsey, played by Patrick Stewart as opposed to Bill Murray, who played the character in 2000, finally retires after 40 years of recruiting and training Angels. During a mission in Paris, Sabina and Jane’s original Bolsey (Djimon Hounsou) gets killed during a car chase and is replaced by a female Bolsey, played by Banks. 

Saving the world isn’t an easy task, but the trio manages to go from flirty to fight mode and back, all while chasing the villain who wants to exploit Elena’s powerful invention. 

Contributing to the storyline is Sam Claffin’s character, Alexander Brock, Elena’s charming but – spoiler alert – dumb boss and the ever so charming Noah Centineo, who provides a bit of eye candy. 

Overall, if you’re in for a lightweight, comedic but hardcore “girl-power” film, this is for you. If not, you might as well wait for the DVD version. (kes)

The writer is an intern at The Jakarta Post

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