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'Frozen 2' lures you into the unknown

Teresa Yovela

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, November 18, 2019  /  03:50 pm

It’s hard to believe that Frozen was released six years ago, as the “Let It Go” anthem is still frequently heard around the world today.

The winter-themed film was a global hit, earning US$1.33 billion worldwide. It was the highest-grossing animated feature of all time until The Lion King remake surpassed it earlier this year. With Frozen being such a success, the sequel is expected to hit big as well.

Frozen 2 starts with a flashback to the childhood days of the beloved Queen Elsa and her sister, Princess Anna. Their father, King Agnarr, tells them the story of a mystical forest that used to be a beautiful place. In the old days, the original tribe of Northuldra and the Kingdom of Arendelle once lived in harmony. But a battle broke during a royal visit to the forest, prompting entities of the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water) to rage. King Agnarr, saved by a mysterious woman, was the only one to make it back home. A spell was then cast upon the forest to never be discovered again.  

Three years after where Frozen left off, Queen Elsa is living her best life with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer by her side. Arendelle is prospering and everybody is happy. But Elsa keeps hearing a mystical tune calling her. Hesitant at first, Elsa with her dramatic walks and strong vocals answers to the tune in a new number, “Into the Unknown”. The entities are angered once again. The whole kingdom is awoken in the middle of the night and is forced to evacuate, relying on their queen and her icy powers to save them.

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Elsa, Anna and the gang then embark on a journey to the mystical forest, now set in autumn, as they fight to save their kingdom. Frozen 2 also answers to plot holes in Frozen, including why Elsa was born with powers and what happened to their parents, which (spoiler alert) does not involve getting washed up to the shore and giving birth to Tarzan, as a fan theory suggested. 

One thing that made Frozen such a huge success was the music, the easy-to-remember lyrics and the earworm in “Let it Go” and “Do You Want to Build A Snowman”. Frozen 2 is sadly a little short on that. The strongest piece that stuck with me was the tune that lured Elsa into the mystical forest. The same tune was also incorporated into several songs in the movie, so it won’t be surprising that it would stay in people’s minds. 

Six years after the first movie, Frozen 2 serves a more mature plot without losing its sense of humor. Themes such as growing up, perseverance, bravery and sisterly love are strongly examined. Overall, its satisfying story should be enough for you to finally let go Frozen as the sequel lures you into the unknown. (wng)


The writer is an intern at The Jakarta Post

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