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Re.juve elevates Indonesian 'jamu' with cold-pressed method

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Jakarta  /  Mon, November 25, 2019  /  11:37 am
Re.juve elevates Indonesian 'jamu' with cold-pressed method

Re.juve cold-pressed drinks and shots use local spices, such as turmeric, ginger, aromatic ginger, and lemongrass. (Shutterstock/NADKI)

For some Indonesians, drinking jamu (traditional herbal tonic) is a way of life. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo is one of many regular jamu drinkers who consumes the herbal medicine to avoid falling ill and maintain stamina.

Despite its apparent benefits, jamu seems to be less popular among younger generations as it requires a complex brewing method and has a bitter taste.

Inspired by traditional recipes, cold-pressed juice company Re.juve has launched Indonesia Heritage Beverage, featuring cold-pressed jamu and shots.


Hi teman-teman! sudah tau kan kalau Re.juve mengeluarkan varian terbarunya yaitu “The First Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage” yang terdiri dari 8 varian? Dari varian The Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage, Re.juve juga mengeluarkan varian Re.juve Shots berukuran 50ml. Varian The Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage antara lain : - Almond Bandrek - Almond Kencur - Tropic Sereh - Tropic Temulawak - Re.juve Shot Celery Ginger - Re.juve Shot Turmeric Ginger - Re.juve Shot Galanga Ginger - Re.juve Shot Curcuma Ginger Varian-varian ini cocok banget dikonsumsi di musim peralihan ini lo karena meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh biar ga mudah sakit. Yuk segera dapatkan varian Re.juve Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage di store Re.juve favorit kamu mulai hari Sabtu tanggal 23 November 2019 atau memesan melalui nomor Re.juve Delivery yang ada di bio kami. #Rejuve #LiveHappier #GOODforYou #CleanLabel #ColdPressed #ColdPressedJuice

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Offering healthier and more hygienic drinks, the cold-pressed jamu features four variants, namely Almond Kencur (comprising galanga or aromatic ginger), Almond Bandrek (ginger essence, palm sugar, cinnamon, spices and condensed milk), Tropic Sereh (citronella) and Tropic Temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza or Java turmeric).

Meanwhile, Re.juve shots include Curcuma Ginger, Turmeric Ginger, Galanga Ginger and Celery Ginger.

Using cold-pressed methods and a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, the Indonesian Heritage Beverage comes with various jamu benefits as it uses local spices, such as turmeric, ginger, kencur, temulawak and lemongrass.

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Ginger and kencur are believed to help relieve fatigue, improve digestive health and increase stamina.

Meanwhile, temulawak and turmeric are beneficial to maintain liver health, improve kidney function and metabolism.

“Re.juve’s main goal since 2014 is to make people #LiveHappier through choices of healthy food and beverage,” said the company’s president director and CEO, Richard Anthony, in a statement.

“The products are made entirely from fresh ingredients and are also gluten and lactose free,’ said Richard, adding that the company used almond milk instead of regular milk, making the drinks vegan-friendly.

Re.juve Indonesian Heritage drinks will be available starting Nov. 23 in all outlets in Greater Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya. (jes/kes)

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