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Leica SL2: A versatile all-purpose camera

Anselmo Jason

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, November 27, 2019  /  03:27 pm
Leica SL2: A versatile all-purpose camera

Leica SL2 (Leica Store Jakarta/-)

The Leica SL2 claims to be a durable camera that can do it all under any conditions. Photographers everywhere strive for perfection in the pictures they produce. Their skills matter most, but good hardware to take photographs is no less important. Nowadays, everyone can become, or at least try to become, a professional photographer, thanks to the device in their pockets. Smartphones are now capable of producing images that are remarkable in their own right. However, professional photographers will always rely on professional cameras that produce superior images with higher versatility. Be it digital or analogue, single or double-lens, mirrored or mirrorless, there is a professional camera for every preference. Some cameras are for action photography with fast-moving shutters that can capture objects moving at high speed, others for close-up pictures that demand high detail, a...