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Clarinet Marmalade: A concert by clarinetists for clarinetists

Anselmo Jason

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, November 28, 2019  /  03:26 pm
Clarinet Marmalade: A concert by clarinetists for clarinetists

In harmony: Clarinetist Nino Ario Wijaya plays the clarinet in tandem with the piano. (JP/Anselmo Jason)

A group of clarinetists got together to express its passion for the under-appreciated musical instrument. Indonesia is home to a multitude of talented musicians, be it on classical or contemporary instruments. For piano, there’s the 16-year old prodigy Joey Alexander thriving in the jazz scene, as well as Ananda Sukarlan, who is known for his classical compositions. There are also the late great violinist Idris Sardi and Pontianak-born violinist Hendri Lamiri. In conjunction with the emergence of new musical instrumentalists, it appears that the public appreciation of these instrumentalists has improved as well. For example, Joey Alexander went on to become the first Indonesian to chart on the Billboard 200 with his 2015 album My Favorite Things. Whenever there is a new rising Indonesian musical talent, the public will readily jump on the bandwagon, and the musici...