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Karina Tungari's colorful world of creativity

Katrin Figge

The Jakarta Post

Berlin, Germany  /  Sun, February 23, 2020  /  11:46 am
Karina Tungari's colorful world of creativity

Cross section: Pictured is a selection of Karina Tungari's works, which can be found in various books, comic anthologies and online magazines. (Courtesy of Karina Tungari /-)

When she was still living in Jakarta, Karina Tungari dreamed about traveling to faraway places and seeing the world. But she did not want to be just another tourist. Instead, she wanted to experience life in another country by fully immersing herself in new surroundings and a different culture. With a degree in visual communication design at Trisakti University in Jakarta under her belt, she knew her parents would not be able to financially support her studies abroad. “A family friend then told me about the possibility of becoming an au pair,” Karina recalled. “At the time, it was a fitting solution to fulfill my dreams, which was quite naïve, to be honest. I thought I just needed to get there first, and the rest would fall into place.” This is how she eventually ended up in Hamburg, Germany, more than a decade ago. Fast forward to today, and Kari...