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GenPi Riau Islands holds Wonderful Malay Fiesta 2017


Pesona Indonesia

Jakarta  /  Mon, October 16, 2017  /  01:09 pm
GenPi Riau Islands holds Wonderful Malay Fiesta 2017

Batam at sunset. (Shutterstock/File)

The Indonesian Charms Generation (GenPI) Riau Islands (Kepri) branch together with the Tourism Ministry recently held the Wonderful Malay Fiesta 2017 in Batam on Oct. 14.

The event featured various Indonesian as well as Malay culture and reportedly attracted 331 foreign tourists coming from China, India, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

“The initial concept was Malay-related culture, but apparently people also show interest in other cultures as well, which attracted many foreign tourists to travel and stay overnight in Batam,” said GenPI Kepri representative Syaban Al Buchari.

Hundreds of the tourists bought tour packages created by GenPI Kepri.

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“We are offering them [tour packages] via online by producing a video that we promote on social media and in Singapore. [For the video,] we collaborated with Yosh, a YouTuber who has amassed 121,000 followers on his channel," said Syaban.

During their time there, the tourists were invited to eat at Golden Prawn, a fancy fresh seafood restaurant in Batam.

“Singaporeans love to eat; the gonggong [clams] and seafood really satisfy our hunger. It tastes so good, as good as food from a five-star restaurant,” said a Singaporean tourist named Jemima Li Mi Tow.

“The gonggong meat tastes like a squid: chewy, crunchy and delicious,” added another tourist, Yap Shwu Ling, who hails from Malaysia.

The tourists also went shopping in Batam, with each person reportedly spent around SG$200 (US$148) to SG$500. (kes)