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East Sumba and its unforgettable beauty

Ayu Saptarika

The Jakarta Post

East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara  /  Wed, July 3, 2019  /  01:08 pm
East Sumba and its unforgettable beauty

Serenity: The green hills of Tanau are a majestic sight to behold in East Sumba. (JP/Ayu Saptarika)

Remarkably contoured hills, huge green-and-gold meadows, beaches and waterfalls make East Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara a worthy place to visit again and again. A trip to East Sumba usually begins in Waingapu, one of the main cities in the region. The weather here can be scorching hot during mid-day but at the same time the roads are relatively calm and empty, making it an enjoyable experience to visit various tourist spots in and around the city. One of the tourism spots near Waingapu is the Waimarang waterfall, which is located about 90 minutes’ drive away. This waterfall is the perfect first destination for visitors arriving in the city. Jump in: The Waimarang waterfall features bright blue waters for visitors to swim in. (JP/Ayu Saptarika) The journey to the waterfall usually goes through Melolo village, with many pretty golden meadows with slight green trees around t...