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China’s Great Mosque of Xi’an, a Silk Road legacy

Ary Hermawan

The Jakarta Post

Xi’an, China  /  Mon, September 23, 2019  /  12:48 pm
China’s Great Mosque of Xi’an, a Silk Road legacy

Thought-provoking: A library called the Unmatched Pavilion is located in the first courtyard of the Huajue Mosque complex. (Courtesy of M. Nurul Hudha/-)

A group of social media influencers and The Jakarta Post were invited to visit Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai by the Chinese Embassy from Sept. 2 to. 8. The trip was organized by Tenggara Strategics.   So foreign yet so familiar — that is how I felt when visiting the Great Mosque of Xi’an. If not for the Sino-Arabic inscription on its gateway, you would think the city’s largest mosque, also known as Huajue Mosque, was a Buddhist temple. Its architectural design is nothing like that of most modern Indonesian or Middle Eastern mosques, with their tall minarets and giant domes. If you do not speak Chinese and are traveling alone, you could easily miss it. One of the reasons is that the mosque, according to, has a layout of an ancient Buddhist temple with its successive courtyards, pagodas and pavilions. The only difference is that th...