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6 local sweet snacks we always crave

Dian Arthen
Dian Arthen

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, May 19, 2016  /  02:51 pm
6 local sweet snacks we always crave

Gulali, or cotton candy in English, is spun sugar with a touch of pink coloring. (

Today’s sweet trends may all be about salted egg croissants or anything with charcoal, but the traditional sweets listed below will always have a place in our hearts and stomachs since they are pocket-friendly, remind us of our childhoods, and can be found on almost every street corner.


Gulali (cotton candy) is spun sugar with a touch of pink coloring. You usually find the vendors selling it from their bicycles in front of a school gate or at festivals.

Rambut Nenek

Literally meaning "grandma’s hair", it’s basically a concoction of brightly colored plain crackers with rough-textured cotton candy sandwiched between them. Nowadays even supermarket sell this traditional snack.

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Kue Cubit

This sweet has been delighting Indonesians’ tastebuds perhaps ever since the country's independence (spare us a little exaggeration). Yet, kue cubit (small pancake) recently became a social media trend ever since a creative vendor added a Japanese touch to it: green tea.

The pancake is usually sold in six small pieces, now some vendors are leveling up their creativity by adding flavors such as red velvet, Ovomaltine and taro.

Kue tete/ape

The name kue tete comes from its breast-like shape, though it’s actually a traditional pancake with a green soft center and thin crisp crepe surrounding it. The batter is made from rice flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, vanilla powder and coconut milk.

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Kue pancong

Kue pancong is a traditional Betawi cake usually only found in Jakarta.

The basic ingredient of this half-moon-shape cake is coconut and the sellers usually walk around the neighborhood shouldering all of the baking utensils and the batter.

Kue lekker

Kue lekker is basically a pancake-like treat with thin crisp crepes folded in half and stuffed with chocolate, however vendors have begun adding more fillings to the menu such as Nutella or Ovomaltine. (kes)

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