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9 must-have staples for your wardrobe

Heidi Nazarudin
Heidi Nazarudin

A former CEO turned style blogger

Los Angeles  /  Fri, June 3, 2016  /  03:06 pm
9 must-have staples for your wardrobe

Building your wardrobe staples means you have to go beyond shoes. (TheAmbitionista/Heidi Nazarudin)

Building your wardrobe staples means you have to go beyond shoes. Earlier, we mentioned some of the must-haves in your closet.
Some people might have different staples, depending on their location or style. Use this brief list as a guide for building your own list of must-haves.
Trench coat

There’s no arguing that this is one of the greatest pieces any closet can have. It’s stylish, useful and practical.
Keep the cold weather out with a properly tailored trench coat. Add a wool or coat lining depending on the weather patterns in your area.
The most important thing is to find a trench coat that makes you look good. You’ll know it’s the one if it looks great whether belted, buttoned or open. Lengths will vary, but just below the knee is a good choice.

The little black dress

This is the absolutely ideal dress. This is the one dress that always looks good on you, thanks to a perfect fit and a simple but stunning silhouette. Once you find your LBD, you can use it for life.
Just make sure to transform it each time you wear it by using different accessories that really enliven the otherwise simple garment. The great thing about this is that it’s so simple that you can really dress it up.
Changing the shoes you wear with the LBD or adding certain jewelry can transform your ensemble immediately and easily. There are literally more than a thousand ways to wear your LBD.
Perfect white shirt

No matter what your fashion style is, you’ll definitely need one of these in your closet.
The perfect white shirt is stretchy but not too loose. It skims your body but does not hug it. You should be able to move freely and easily in it.
When you find the perfect shirt, it will give you a sense of fresh and fun sophistication.
White shirt.(TheAmbitionista/Heidi Nazarudin)


Finding the right pair of pants can be difficult. You don’t want anything trendy, so don’t get pants that are too tapered. No pleats, either, as these are not flattering. Experiment until you find the right right cut that gives you the right silhouette.
As for colors, always go for neutrals. You can add pinstripes if you like, but brown and gray are always a solid choice.

A good blazer can instantly transform the way you look. Add it to any ensemble and you can immediately achieve a casual chic look or a serious, no-nonsense aura.
There are so many choices available that it can be confusing. Try several styles until you find one that looks great. A safe, classic choice is the suit-style jacket.

There are different types of skirt, and most likely you’ll need more than one for different occasions. The pencil skirt is perfect for the work environment, while A-lines tend to be a bit more fun and flirty.
Just make sure to try and get neutral or solid colors. Loud colors and bright décor can make the skirt look gaudy and it definitely won’t make the piece timeless.

Cardigans are definitely a classic. They look great and can transform your look in a flash.
With just a cardigan, you can go from laid-back to casual chic. Plus, it keeps you warm and comfortable. There are so many different colors to choose from, so pick the one you can use most often.

Avoid unnecessarily trendy styles like super skinny or bell-bottomed jeans.(TheAmbitionista/Heidi Nazarudin)

Everyone needs at least one great pair of jeans. The problem here is that finding the right fit can be a serious chore.
There are so many designs to choose from, and it will take you a bit of time and some experimentation to find the right one. The good thing is that there are so many different options at different price points that you can really take the time and choose the pair that look best on you and fit your budget.
If you still find shopping for jeans difficult, there are now some shops that offer bespoke jeans. They may be more expensive since they’re custom-made, but at least this eliminates the difficulty of constantly trying new designs.
Avoid unnecessarily trendy styles like super skinny or bell-bottomed jeans.
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It’s impossible to say that all you need is one bag, since you’ll probably need different ones for different occasions.
However, you can limit your bag basics to two. One, you’ll need a roomy bag for your everyday essentials, be it for work or for school. This bag should be big enough to fit everything you need inside it.
Two, get a stylish clutch for an evening out. This clutch should be big enough to fit your barest essentials like your money, ID and a lipstick for retouching.


Heidi Nazarudin is a former CEO turned style blogger, public speaker and event host based in Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles and New York. She has worked with brands such as Saks 5th Avenue, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo and Mont Blanc. She is the blogger-in-chief of and co-founder of Blogger Babes. She resides in Santa Monica, CA by the beach and lives on Instagram @theambitionista.

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