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The best child-friendly restaurants in Jakarta


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Jakarta  /  Sun, July 3, 2016  /  06:28 pm
The best child-friendly restaurants in Jakarta

Jakarta has many child-friendly restaurants where adults can still have fun and enjoy themselves. (

Summer holiday time usually also means family time. Aside from going to family-friendly attractions such as the zoo or Ancol, dining together in a child-friendly restaurant is also a good way to spend some quality time with the whole family. Here are our recommended places that cater to adults as well as children.

Nanny's Pavillon

Friendly interior design, many activities, good food and with franchises in cities all across Indonesia, Nanny’s Pavillon was created for everyone. Adapting the traditional style of a French-American family, your children will particularly enjoy its wide range of dishes alongside the attractive entertainment.

TGI Fridays

Its status as an American casual dining chain certainly offers an advantage for TGI Fridays as it means that it has its own standard quality in terms of serving food to the customer; even for the little ones. Perfect portions, great taste, and a colorful interior are among this place's highlights.


Another kid-friendly restaurant in Jakarta is Marche. Located in Plaza Senayan and Grand Indonesia, it offers a comfortable vibe with beautiful yet simple interior design. During special occasions like Easter, Marche always offers great deals combined with fun activities for its customers, especially for children. 

Pizza e Birra

Known as one of the hippest evening hangout spots in Jakarta, Pizza e Birra has its own magic by turning into a recreational café for kids during the day, especially on weekends. Sunday family brunch with the whole family is not a strange sight at Pizza e Birra, maybe because this place offers a kids menu that the children can’t refuse.

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Outback Steakhouse

Eating steak really sounds like a thing only adults can enjoy, but Outback Steakhouse highly value children as well. Once the kids sit down, the waiter will bring crayons with a little notebook for drawing. This place also has a special table in its toilet for diaper changing. In addition to all these facilities, the kids’ menu for children under 12 years old is outstanding.

Johnny Rockets


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As an American-style burger diner, Johnny Rockets offers a happy vibe in every one of its restaurants, including those in Jakarta. Besides its choice of burgers, Johnny Rockets’ favorite is truly phenomenal. (kes)


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