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New skills to learn via online courses

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Jakarta  /  Fri, July 8, 2016  /  12:24 pm
New skills to learn via online courses

Learning things online for free is very easy these days. (Shutterstock/-)

Not interested in those online university courses your parents keep nagging you about? We feel you. But who says online learning is limited to academic courses only? Below are 21st century skills you should consider picking up this summer.

A new language

In the ever-globalizing world we live in, the ability to speak several languages proficiently definitely constitutes a great asset. As enrolling in tutoring centers takes up a little too much travel time and perhaps can be a little costly, why not check out these language-learning websites for you to learn on your own time?

Busuu: This website’s language lessons offer a well-rounded approach to language learning. However, only the premium version allows learners to download offline review materials and their introduction lessons jump into full sentences without much step-by-step vocabulary or pronunciation practices.

Memrise: With a wide range of sets to choose from, you’ll find their mnemonic flashcards a great help, especially for visual learners, but you’d need to practice formulating sentences with a friend.

Rosetta Stone: Famous for its comprehensive services, this platform teaches you basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. However, its price tag is the catch.


Speaking of learning languages, one new language that has recently piqued interest is the language of computers and all things digital: code. Although there are various coding languages to learn, they generally have similar foundations, which you can easily learn from these online courses: One of the most famous coding websites, is a great way to jump into the world of coding. However, a downside to this website is that it serves mostly as a springboard, as you are only taught technical syntax without in-depth application of the learned skills.

CodeHS: Although costly to open up an online class group at first, codeHS is really beneficial for those who want to get together to learn code in a group. With a single purchase, you can embark on the coding journey, complete with problems and solutions for all exercises. For those who need someone to guide them throughout the coding journey, check out this Indonesia-based online course at its various tutoring centers where you can learn in a group with other budding coders.

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Graphic design

In tandem with all that coding that you’re going to learn, why not take it a step further to graphics design, so that you can later embark on web design? For the most part, online courses merely equip you with the technical knowledge on how to use Adobe products, but the rest depends on how far your imagination takes you.

Alison: Offering a wide range of courses in its digital and IT literacy section, the lessons are broken into segments and allow you to go through them at your own pace. From the essential tool of Photoshop to web development, you are sure to improve your tech-skills via this course.

CreativeLive: A little more pricey than most online courses, but you’ll definitely receive your money’s worth. Aside from structured pre-tailored classes you can also attend virtual “on-air” lessons run by professionals all over the world.


Aside from coding, another increasingly popular activity is robotics. Engaging in small-scale technological engineering paves the way for higher education at university – and perhaps for your career. Robotics isn’t solely about the technicalities of making a robot; it’s also about the creative process behind the designing and programming of the inventions. By nature, robotics is a hands-on experiential learning process that cannot be learnt off YouTube. So, check out these Indonesia-based robotics schools, Robotics education center and Robokidz, if you’ve got some time over the summer. (sab/kes)

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