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Converse's new collection goes waterproof

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Jakarta  /  Sat, December 2, 2017  /  08:04 am
Converse's new collection goes waterproof

One of Converse's new collection that comes with Gore-Tex seam-sealed membrane for waterproof sneakers. (Converse/File)

American shoe company Converse is collaborating with Gore to produce waterproof items for consumers. 

With the help of the US manufacturing company that specializes in products derived from fluoropolymers, Converse is creating a new weatherproof collection titled Urban Utility, which is diverting from its conventional designs that are light and flexible.

The material is reportedly made from heated polytetrafluoroethylene by Gore’s founder Bob Gore who uses the polymer’s properties to apply to various products, including fashion. It has even been used to create the company’s waterproof Gore-Tex fabric, which is the main component for Converse’s waterproof products.  

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According to Wired, Converse’s apparel director Darryl “Curtains” Jackson tested the resilience by wearing the apparel on top of a rain tower inside Gore’s campus’ testing facility. The material is subjected to several tests to observe its endurance that ranges from friction to dramatic changes in surrounding temperature.

The collection should certainly be a must-have for Jakartans. Converse’s new waterproof shoes and jackets will certainly look fashionable while also being functional in Jakarta’s rain. But it will set back aspiring owners for the apparel is said to retail at about US$400 for an Urban Utility jacket and around $150 for the collection’s boots. (ezr/kes)