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Ahok, Setya Novanto among top 10 Twitter moments in 2017

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Jakarta  /  Thu, December 7, 2017  /  03:35 pm
Ahok, Setya Novanto among top 10 Twitter moments in 2017

Novita Jong, Twitter Indonesia's country head, said there was an increase in the variety of topics on the social media platform. (Shutterstock/Inferiorz Presents)

With the year coming to an end, Twitter in Indonesia has listed the top 10 moments throughout 2017. Novita Jong, Twitter Indonesia's country head, said there was an increase in the variety of topics on the social media platform. 

"Different users of course have different interests and they are all accommodated on Twitter," Novita said at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday, as quoted by

Here are the top 10 topics that were widely discussed on Twitter throughout the year: 

1. Ramadhan 

Ramadhan was the most talked about event on Twitter, as shown by the use of popular, related hashtags, including #Ramadan, #Puasa (#Fasting), and #Sahur (#Predawn meal). Approximately 118 million tweets talked about the holy month celebrated by Muslims. 

2. Regional elections

Twitter users were abuzz during the 2017 regional election (Pilkada) held on Feb. 15, which Novita said was a moment of celebration of democracy in the country.

Throughout the election, candidates also made use of the social media platform to voice their vision, as well as promote their programs. Around 11.2 million tweets were sent from Jan. 1 until the election on Feb. 15.

3. Independence Day 

Tweets about Indonesia's 72nd Independence Day amounted to 1.1 million posts from all over the country. Twitter users conveyed criticism, hopes, prayers and pride for Indonesia, which has been independent for 72 years.

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4. Jakarta gubernatorial elections

The Jakarta gubernatorial elections in February became one of the most talked-about issues on Twitter, with users incorporating related hashtags such as #PilkadaDKI, #DKI1, #PilgubDKI and #DebatPilkadaDKI

5. Bangtan Boys (BTS) concert in Jakarta 

The Bangtan Boys (BTS) concert in Jakarta was one of the dominating topics on Twitter Indonesia's timeline. 

Many BTS fans are millennials, Novita said, adding that the social media platform is a popular place for the generation to voice their opinions. 

"The millennial generation is used to expressing their opinions through social media. We see that they were an important component in Twitter discussions throughout the year," Novita said. 

6. Ahok's case

Former Jakarta governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama's blasphemy case was widely discussed on Twitter, as users posted about the case that led to the two-year imprisonment of Ahok for insulting Muslim leaders. 

7. Choirul Huda's death 

The death of soccer player Choirul Huda was extensively discussed. The former Persela Lamongan FC goalkeeper died as a result of injuries sustained during a game, where he was struck in the chest after colliding with a teammate. Condolences from fans, fellow soccer players and the general public flooded Twitter's timeline. 

8. Setya Novanto's corruption case 

Twitter users were quick to discuss Setya Novanto's corruption case, as the Corruption Eradication Comission (KPK) named the politician a suspect in the e-ID graft case. Being bold and critical, the young generation voiced their opinion on the issue through various creative memes. Several hashtags related to the issue included, #ThePowerofSetnov, #SaveTiangListrik (#SavethePowerPole) and #IndonesiaMencariPapah (#Indonesia Looking for Papa). 

"Globally or in Indonesia, issues on politics are popularly discussed. But if we look at it again, behind it are social topics, for example #KasusAhok (#AhokCase) and #SaveTiangListrik," Novita said. "With Twitter being real time, it also makes Twitter a source of news." 

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9. Raisa-Hamish wedding 

Discussions surrounding the wedding of singer Raisa Andriana and actor Hamish Daud Wyllie first began with the announcement of their engagement in May. The couple tied the knot in September, with Twitter users including hashtags #HariPatahHatiNasional (#NationalHeartbreakDay) and #RaisaHamishSatuAtap (#RaisaHamishOneRoof) with their posts.

10. Kahiyang Ayu-Bobby Nasution wedding 

The wedding of first daughter Kahiyang Ayu to Bobby Nasution also became one of the most discussed topics, when the couple married in November. Several of the hashtags used included #JokowiManut #BobbyKahiyangWedding and #KahiyangBobby. (liz/kes)