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Kineforum presents coming of age-themed films in January line-up

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Jakarta  /  Wed, January 10, 2018  /  02:09 pm
Kineforum presents coming of age-themed films in January line-up

The main characters in "Galih & Ratna, Refal Hady (left) and Sheryl Sheinafia (right). (

Alternative cinema café Kineforum is lining up a number of coming of age-themed films from Jan. 11 to 24. The January program is called Kawah Candradimuka (The Candradimuka Volcano Crater), referring to the rebirth of mythical hero Gatotkaca who was boiled alive in a volcano cave called Candradimuka during the Mahabharata epoch, a metaphor for the human journey of becoming a mature person.

The program is divided into three different sub-themes: Adikarya Masa (The Masterpieces of the Times), Corong Karsa (The Epitome of Determination) and Nuansa Kawula (The Complexities of Youth). The 15 feature films and one short movie, which have been sourced for the month’s program, come from various countries, including France, India, Indonesia, Denmark, Germany, the United States and many more.

The first sub-theme explores a number of masterpieces, including The 400 Blows by France’s François Truffaut, Eliana, Eliana by Indonesia’s Riri Riza as well as Love and Shukla by India’s Jatla Siddharta. Each of these films examines the challenges of becoming a mature person, told through the context of juvenile delinquency, mother-daughter relationships as well as love and social class.

The second sub-theme, meanwhile, questions the issue of social belonging through films like Approved for Adoption by French and South Korean directors Laurent Boileau and Jung Henin, Beyond Silence by German director Caroline Link and In a Better World by Danish director Susanne Bier. Each of the films investigates what it means to belong through the lens of three separate experiences: cross-national adoption, having a hearing impairment and being bullied at school.

The third sub-theme, meanwhile, presents films that strive to be uplifting, with Everybody Wants Some!! by the US’s Richard Linklater, as well as outputs from Indonesian directors — Galih and Ratna by Lucky Kuswandi and Realita Cinta dan Rock ‘n Roll by Upi Avianto.

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