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Nine must-know trends for tea enthusiasts

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Jakarta  /  Sun, January 21, 2018  /  08:18 am
Nine must-know trends for tea enthusiasts

Make your tea drinking habit more special by brewing the leaves in unique teapots.   (Shutterstock/-)

Similar to coffee, there are several techniques available for brewing tea. In order to know which technique to use, one needs to learn more about the background of the tea, from the leaves to the tea type.

Again, just like coffee, tea can also be made in different ways.

Below are some of the emerging trends in the tea scene according to tea expert Ratna Somantri.

Tea blending

Tea leaves can be processed by mixing them with particular tastes to produce different varieties. Like in Singapore, said Ratna, you can find nasi lemak (rice cooked with pandan leaves and served with sambal) flavored tea. 

In Japan, the locals generally drink single-origin tea, but recently you can also find tea mixed with cherry blossoms.

Premium tea bags

Many opt to drink tea using teabags for practical reasons. Hence, tea in different packages instead of "regular" bags are currently flourishing, such as those in the form of a pyramid to provide more space for the tea leaves to unravel. This is particularly suitable for people who are pressed for time but want better quality tea.

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Tea with a purpose

Tea for health is currently popular as well. It usually comes in the form of organic tea or tea for specific purposes, like relaxation, which is often chamomile tea.

New origin tea

China and Japan are some of the best-known teamakers, with a history of tea-making dating hundreds of years back.

However, lately people have also been looking for high-quality tea from areas with a relatively short history as tea producers, like New Zealand and Hawaii.

Cold-brew tea

Similar to coffee, brewing tea with cold water is also trending. According to Ratna, cold-brew tea is gaining popularity among tea lovers.


This green tea powder from Japan is very popular these days, often mixed in with hot water or even food.

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Tea in food and drinks

Tea can be easily combined into food and drinks. For instance, you can mix it with syrup or fruit juice to create a mocktail. You can also add alcohol to make a cocktail. 

Tea-flavored cake can easily be found in cafés as well.

Creative tea presentation

Make your tea drinking habit more special by brewing the leaves in unique teapots.  

You can also serve the drinks in an afternoon tea style, enjoying it with various snacks.

Tea pairing

Tea can easily be paired with certain foods. For instance, there are teas that will suit certain types of cheeses, just like pairing certain foods with certain wines.

You can also pair your tea with chocolate or traditional snacks. (kes)