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Keeping the spark alive in gold jewelry

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Jakarta  /  Thu, February 22, 2018  /  03:30 pm
Keeping the spark alive in gold jewelry

Tips are needed to maintain the glow in gold jewelry. (Shutterstock/Africa Studio)

Keeping gold jewelry shiny and sparkling can be a bit of a battle. After some wear, they may lose their spark or perhaps even get scratched.

Pure gold is mixed with other metals to make it sturdy enough to use in jewelry. While gold as an element does not tarnish, the silver and copper in the alloy may react to oxygen, sulfur and moisture in the air, eventually making the gold jewelry dark.

Kompas has compiled a number of tips you can do at home to make sure the gleaming stay intact:

1. Keep exposure to chemical matters at minimum

Taking off wedding bands during a shower or exercise would extend the life of your jewelry.

Creative director jewelry maker UBS Erwin Suganda highly suggested minimum exposure to chemical matters found in shampoo, bath soaps or sweat.

“It is no different than any other metal. Once there is a chemical interaction, a chemical process such as oxidation would follow and jewelry would be decolorized,” said Erwin at a UBS event in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, on Monday.  

It is advised to keep your gold jewelry far away from soap, liquid cleaning products and sweat. During exercising or taking a shower, it is best to take them off.

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2. Soak in warm water

Soaking your jewelries in warm water once in a while is also considered a good thing. The thing to remember is timing is crucial, with a general consensus of 10 to 15 minutes.

“Frequent washing is better for the jewelry, for instance I recommend a soak in warm water every time you get home. If time is an issue, twice weekly is still sufficient,” said Erwin.

If you want to get rid of dirt, he recommended washing the jewelry with mild dishwashing liquid. Afterwards, rub gently with your fingers or a cotton swab.

Dry the jewelry with a soft cotton cloth. Don’t use tissues as they can scratch the gold’s surface.  

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3. Store the jewelry separately

After cleansing, Erwin suggested that jewelry be stored separately and not kept in stacks.

When each is in its own place, there is minimum risk of getting scratched. “In order to eliminate scratches, gold needs to be replated or reapplied,” said Erwin.

Additional tips to keep in mind are to never use toothbrush or baking soda on gold as they will scratch it, and store gold wrapped in anti-tarnish tissue or a clean plastic bag.

If you find your jewelry still lack the sparks after following the above methods, it will likely need to be cleaned professionally. (wen)