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Teater Koma to add modern touch in upcoming ‘Mahabarata’ play

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Jakarta  /  Fri, November 9, 2018  /  10:04 am
Teater Koma to add modern touch in upcoming ‘Mahabarata’ play

A glimpse of Teater Koma's 'Mahabarata: Asmara Raja Dewa' performance. The play will be staged for 10 days, from Nov. 16 to 25, at Taman Ismail Marzuki arts center (TIM), Central Jakarta. (Teater Koma/File)

Theater troupe Teater Koma will stage Mahabarata: Asmara Raja Dewa (Mahabarata: The Romances of King Dewa) from Nov. 16 to 25 at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki  arts center (TIM), Central Jakarta.

The performance is said to be the first chapter of the troupe’s Mahabarata universe.

Mahabarata is one of the most popular epics from ancient India, however the troupe is expected to add a modern touch to its theatrical piece, such as by adding animation and incorporating a multimedia background supported by three projectors with 12,500-25,000 lumens to provide a more colorful stage.

“[Although] it’s an old story, it’s still interesting. It’s about deities and the creation of humans,” said N. Riantiarno, the scriptwriter and director of the play, in a statement.

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In Mahabarata: Asmara Raja Dewa, Sang Hyang Wenang created three spheres, namely Mayapada (the high sphere), Madyapada (sphere of darkness) and Marcapada (sphere of the underworld), as well as each of their inhabitants.

A war between Idajil and Hyang Tunggal, the heir of Sang Hyang Wenang, later breaks out as both aim to rule the spheres. Idajil is then defeated and exiled after the war, while Hyang Tunggal becomes the leader, but is later replaced by Batara Guru. The three spheres are now in the hands of Batara Guru, who still needs to protect them from Idajil and his followers.

Among the actors who will perform in the play are Idries Pulungan, Budi Ros, Dorias Pribadi, Tuti Hartati and Rangga Riantiarno.

Tickets for the play are available online with prices starting from Rp 75,000 (US$5). (wir/kes)