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Extended version of 'A Man Called Ahok' to be screened abroad

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, January 24, 2019  /  05:50 pm
Extended version of 'A Man Called Ahok' to be screened abroad

Coming of age: 'A Man Called Ahok' recounts Ahok's journey, from his childhood to his beginnings as a fiery, no-nonsense politician. (Courtesy of The United Team of Art/-)

An extended version of the biopic on former Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, who has asked to be referred to as BTP from now on, A Man Called Ahok, is set to be made and screened abroad, according to a report by Antara.

"We're planning to release the film internationally in March or April," said the movie's producer Emir Hakim in Jakarta on Thursday.

Some of the countries that have reportedly requested to screen the film include Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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Focusing on BTP's family dynamics, the film helmed by Putrama Tuta, affectionately known as Tuta, was a success at the box office last year, selling 1.5 million tickets across Indonesia.

Tuta said the version of the film screened abroad would feature some scenes that were previously deleted.

"The structure will remain the same, however [this version] will be braver and bolder to meet international demands. The context has to be wider, not merely [a relationship between] father and son; [such as] what symbolism [of Ahok] can be highlighted. Why was Ahok sent to prison and what was the reason for it," said Tuta.

The extended version might be screened in Indonesia as well, confirmed both Emir and Tuta.

"[The possibility is open] after it is screened abroad. The film Soekarno [for instance] had an extended version after being released for six months," said Tuta. (kes)