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Food supplement Ultimate Duo shields genes, helps anti-aging

Muthi Achadiat Kautsar
Muthi Achadiat Kautsar

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, March 23, 2019  /  10:12 am
Food supplement Ultimate Duo shields genes, helps anti-aging

DNA and genetics research concept (Shutterstock/vchal)

Whether we admit it or not, we are constantly on a quest for our ultimate wellbeing. We do everything we can to stay healthy and look youthful despite our age. However, the quest has become more and more challenging as the world becomes more polluted, and we have to cope with a lifestyle that seemingly demands that we work harder. As a result, we might not get enough sleep, are unable to find time for exercise and find solace in drinking and smoking, among other vices, which are harmful to our health.

One solution that may help us counter the harm to our health is food supplements. Among the many choices we can find in the market is the newly introduced Ultimate Duo from NuSkin Enterprises.

Praised for producing excellent results among its consumers, Ultimate Duo comprises two different food supplements, namely ageLOC R2 (pronounced R-squared) and ageLOC Y-Span. This duo has driven its consumers to provide fascinating testimonials such as helping an elderly dementia patient to become more focused and responsive, look fresher and become less dependent on their wheelchair.

Another testimonial says that the supplement helps relieve eczema, but generally, those who consume the supplements feel that their stamina improves well.

Dr. Joseph Chang, chief scientific officer of NuSkin Enterprises told The Jakarta Post on March 15 that Ultimate Duo is based on technology that can influence genes in the body. The company has named the technology ageLOC.

“These are genetic products,” Chang said of Ultimate Duo.

NuSkin's food supplement Ultimate Duo is based on technology that can influence genes in the bodyNuSkin's food supplement Ultimate Duo is based on technology that can influence genes in the body (NuSkin/File)

He went on to say that when we get old, our genes don’t get old but they stop working very well as they get “dirty”.

“They [our genes] become dirty as we get older, because we don’t live properly. It’s what we call the lifestyle effect, whether it’s smoking, drinking, not getting enough sleep, no exercise, all these things. These are what we call lifestyle habits and they are not good for the genes,” said Chang, adding that pollution also makes things worse.

The condition of the genes, according to Chang, is what controls how fast we start aging.

“What we have discovered, is that between this Ultimate Duo, […] if you take them on a regular basis, they build a shield around those genes, so all these external lifestyle habits have less effect on the genes. That is why we call them [the Ultimate Duo], the most advanced anti-aging supplement, because they are based on genetic technology,” said Chang.

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Regarding the testimonials, NuSkin is careful not to claim Ultimate Duo as the cure to many different health conditions.

“Because you know why? […] If you keep your body healthy, at least what we call nutritionally healthy, your body will fight against diseases. This is the way to think about it: If we get a disease, we may go to the doctor, and the doctor gives you a drug, right? […] Actually, when we think about it, it’s not the drug that is going to make you well. The drug will treat the disease, but if your body is not healthy, it will never recover 100 percent. A weak body even with the help of drugs, will never recover as fast as a healthy, as a nutritionally healthy body,” Chang explains.

The chief scientific officer believes Ultimate Duo helps our bodies to heal, emphasizing that NuSkin’s products, focusing on natural ingredients, are more for prevention rather than treatment.

Among ageLOC R2 Day’s ingredients, for instance, are Cordyseps Cs-4 mushroom mycelia, pomegranate fruit extract and Pharmanex Asian ginseng Rb1 (Panax ginseng) root extract, while ageLOC R2 Night ingredients include grape seed extract, red orange fruit extract and broccoli seed extract.

Dr. Joseph Chang came to Jakarta to launch NuSkin’s latest product ageLOC LumiSpa Accent, a beauty device for treating the skin under the eyes. The product launch was also in conjunction with the 2019 NuSkin Indonesia Convention, which took place in Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta.