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How to choose the right pair of hiking shoes

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Jakarta  /  Sun, July 21, 2019  /  11:04 pm
How to choose the right pair of hiking shoes

Of the many types of mountain climbing equipment, good mountain shoes will help protect your feet when climbing. (Shutterstock/Vladyslav Starozhylov)

Mountain climbing either for exploring or exercise is an activity that requires special preparation. Aside from maintaining physical fitness, preparing comfortable climbing gear is essential.

Of the many types of mountain climbing equipment, good mountain shoes will help protect your feet when climbing. If you choose the wrong pair, your feet could be tormented. 

Here are four tips for choosing hiking shoes so that your feet stay comfortable as compiled by

1. Choose a larger size 

If your everyday shoes are of a size that fits your feet, then that doesn't apply when choosing mountain shoes, which should be larger. For example, if the size of your everyday shoes is usually 41, your hiking shoes should be 42 or 43.

Always make sure there is enough space in front of the toe because if the size of the shoe fits exactly with the foot, then the tip of the toe, especially the big toe, will hurt when going down the mountain because it is pressed and squeezed at the tip of the shoe, which could cause injuries such as loose nails. 

Having more space at the end of the shoe also allows you to wear thick or double socks to protect your feet. Socks also protect the feet from the cold of the mountain air when walking at night.

2. Check the neck 

If you are aiming for a shoe that is the right size and the model you want, then another important thing is to check the neck of the shoe. You have to make sure the shoe has a soft layer so that the top of your heel is protected.

This part of the shoe will often rub against the top of the heel. If the neck of the shoe is hard, then be prepared to get hurt at the top of the heel. The wound may appear after walking for a long time. 

Cuts on the heel can be anticipated by dressing it with a bandage so that wounds and abrasion can be reduced. However, the soft lining of a shoe certainly reduces the friction. 

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3. Adjust the height of the shoe neck with different terrain

When you choose shoes at an outdoor store, there are several types of mountain shoes that have high and short necks. To decide which type to choose, you have to adjust it to the terrain. 

If the terrain is on a small mountain or hill like Mount Andong or Mt. Prau, then these shoes are suitable to choose. Besides being lighter, usually hiking shoes with shorter necks are cheaper.

Meanwhile, shoes with a high neck fitting are used to climb mountains with long and quite heavy terrain such as Mt. Slamet or Mt. Kerinci. That's because the long neck of the shoe is better in protecting the feet, especially the ankles. 

4. Check the soles 

The soles of mountain shoes are certainly different from everyday shoes or running shoes. That's because the soles of the hiking shoes should be designed to walk through a mountain track that is often slippery or rocky. 

Therefore, choose mountain boots that have steeply curled soles and high back soles. Shoe soles like that will help your feet tread steadily as they pass through rocky mountain terrain. 

Also, choose shoes with large and strong heel soles that are made of rubber or synthetics. Heel soles are useful for controlling your speed when you go downhill and also to prevent slipping. (nic/kes)

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