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‘Creepy Case Club’: Preteen horror series with Indonesian twist

Teddy Hans

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, July 21, 2019  /  06:03 pm
‘Creepy Case Club’: Preteen horror series with Indonesian twist

Teenage adventure: Rizal Iwan's successful series has been acquired for a movie adaptation, which is still in early development. (Rizal Iwan/-)

Authors who take on the challenge of writing horror novels seem to have developed an interest in the macabre genre from an early age. One of the most famous horror writers of all time, Edgar Allan Poe, went on to influence H.P. Lovecraft, who later heavily influenced the venerated Stephen King. Indonesian copywriter-turned-author Rizal Iwan had a similar interest growing up. He was engrossed by horror movies such as The Omen and Poltergeist and liked to read mystery novels by Enid Blyton and Robert Arthur. “Horror stories have always fascinated me since I was little,” Rizal wrote in an email interview with The Jakarta Post. The two genres that fascinated him so much during his childhood recently inspired him to dabble in the art of supernatural, mystery-writing himself. His venture has proven successful. Rizal has written a series of th...