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‘Rasa’: Stop whining and start living

Sebastian Partogi

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, August 18, 2019  /  12:14 am
‘Rasa’: Stop whining and start living

Out now: Nuril Basri’s latest novel 'Rasa' (Feelings) is published simultaneously in Indonesia and Malaysia this year. (Courtesy of Twitter/Nuril Basri/-)

Despite the relatively comfortable lives they enjoy, young middle-class corporate workers in Jakarta can be the greatest whiners in the world. Instead of counting their blessings, the fact that they can still pay their rent and bring food to their table through their office jobs – taking into account that many people in Jakarta are unemployed and still live in poverty – the privileged lives they lead, which open their access to various resources, have inflated their expectations unrealistically. Their educational background and professional skills instead have turned these people into entitled brats, they feel they deserve a more exciting life owing to their privileged context. Just look at Maya, the 29-year-old female character in Indonesian writer Nuril Basri’s latest novel Rasa (Feelings) published simultaneously this year in Indonesia and Malaysia. She is a...