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Importance of managing change

Paul Sutaryono

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, September 1, 2019  /  04:14 pm
Importance of managing change

Business Illustration. Working group in the office. - Illustration (Shutterstock/pgraphis)

The wise say there is nothing eternal but change. The saying, most of the time, is easier said than done, especially in the context of managing changes. A book entitled Manajemen Perubahan (Management of Change) by Prof. Dr. Moestopo University senior lecturer and former rector Wibowo tries to address the issues surrounding change management and the best practices of doing it. Before getting into the book, there are several definitions of management that need to be understood. Management consultant Peter Drucker, for example, stated that management is a specific practice that turns a group of people into groups that are effective, goal-oriented and productive, while Mary Parker Follet defined management as the art of getting things done through people. In addition, according to Andrew J. DuBrin, a Professor of Management emeritus at the E. Philip Saunders College of Busine...