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Four Indonesian designers shine at New York Fashion Week

Josa Lukman

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, October 11, 2019  /  09:01 am
Four Indonesian designers shine at New York Fashion Week

Cartoonish pop: Yogiswari Pradjanti is known for utilizing her cartoon characters of Indonesian women. (Courtesy of Yogiswari Pradjanti/-)

Four Indonesian designers – Julianto, Marina Christyanti Ayumi, Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy and Yogiswari Prajanti – brought their creations to the stage at the Indonesian Diversity show at Spring Studios for New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The designers, who presented their collections from Sept. 4 to 11 for NYFW's Spring/Summer 2020 season, then revealed their designs back at home after the showcase. Julianto went with the tried-and-tested style of classic femininity in both ready-to-wear and couture, highlighting the designer’s affinity for an air of grace and delicateness. Debuting with the collection "Il Fiore" – which means "the flower" in Italian – the Istituto di Moda Burgo graduate later staged a repeat of his 12-look collection in a mini show at The Tribrata, South Jakarta. Julianto said the idea for "Il Fiore" ...