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How to prevent yourself from becoming a workaholic

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Jakarta  /  Thu, November 14, 2019  /  03:04 pm
How to prevent yourself from becoming a workaholic

Climbing up the career ladder might be exciting but it should not be your whole life. (Shutterstock/File)

Some people are lucky enough to love their jobs and find it to be a source of fulfillment. However, these passionate workers may be at danger of becoming workaholics and having their lives sucked into a bubble of work and work only.

Climbing up the career ladder might be exciting but it should not be your whole life. Compiled by Inc., below is a list of things you can do to avoid becoming a numb workaholic machine.

1. Set boundaries

Learning to say “no” is an integral part of staying true to yourself while in the middle of your career roller coaster. Being a “yes man” to every opportunity might be counterproductive and could cost you your time, health and happiness.

A homey working environment could be a dangerous trap, as you will tend to be people pleaser and say “yes” to every demand your boss or coworkers make, even if it is not within your job description. 

Always put yourself first to stay sane in the office.

2. Turn off notifications after working hours

Advances in technology have made communication easier, but it has also meant people need to be alert 24/7 for any work-related notifications. 

You might want to have separate phone numbers for your private and work lives, and turn off your work phone once the workday ends. It is your prerogative not to have your personal time interrupted.

3. Schedule ‘no work’ times during your day

Many of us now work from home, which blurs the boundaries between personal and business life. 

As such, you have to be strict on yourself by setting a working schedule and sticking with it. Scheduled work hours can be helpful when you are trying to balance your life and career. If you can afford it, having a room specialized for work only can also be an effective aid.

4. Go on a vacation

An extreme change of scenery every once in a while is much needed for a sane and sustainable career. Taking a week off to go to the beach, a mountain, or even abroad with your loved ones can refresh your mind, and prepare you for the next project ahead.

5. Unapologetically prioritize self-care

Go to the gym or concerts, hang out with your friends, sleep an extra hour, lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy a one-hour hot shower. 

Everyone deserves self-care and self-love and should not need to justify their parties or lazy times.

Self-care is as productive as work itself, and you should never apologize for it. (gis/kes)