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Designers band together for Fourth Industrial Revolution

Anselmo Jason

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, December 11, 2019  /  04:05 pm
Designers band together for Fourth Industrial Revolution

Togetherness: Works from various design studios are on display at the Seek-a-seek #2 exhibition. (JP/Anselmo Jason)

Designers and studios have assembled for an exhibition to take on the challenges technological transformation presents to the graphic design industry. As professionals, graphic designers have been in high demand lately. Companies need designers not only to create their logos, but also their brand look and identity. It has become a highly expansive occupation reaching across multiple disciplines. As the profession grows in versatility, so does the field’s popularity in Indonesia. An increasing number of design studios is eager to compete in the crowded market. Tertiary education institutions have embraced the field of graphic design as part of their curriculums by adding graphic design courses, usually dubbed “visual communications design”. At the moment, the field of graphic design is on an upward trajectory, and that comes with its own set of challenges. On...