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Building bridges through music

Duncan Graham

The Jakarta Post

Yogyakarta  /  Thu, January 16, 2020  /  04:40 pm
Building bridges through music

In harmony: Participants of the recent Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's music camp in Yogyakarta. (-/Erlinawati Graham)

For Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) managing director Sophie Galaise, 19th century fairytale-teller Hans Christian Andersen’s quotation that said “when words fail, music speaks” still strikes the right chord.  “Musical styles and cultural differences don’t need to be barriers,” she said recently at Yogyakarta’s Sanata Dharma University as Australian and Indonesian musicians tuned their violins.  “By collaborating we can build bridges to understanding.  Never underestimate the power of music.” Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) managing director Sophie Galaise. (-/Erlinawati Graham) That’s not the tune played by conservatives driving foreign policy.  They argue that power means arms; after security, trade and defense have been settled, people’s hearts and minds will follow. But this lad...