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‘Excursion’: A look into the inner journey of an artist

Anselmo Jason

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, January 20, 2020  /  04:38 pm
‘Excursion’: A look into the inner journey of an artist

Look closer: Visitors look at a painting. (National Gallery of Indonesia/-)

A collective of artists have banded together to express their inner artistic odysseys through a visual art exhibition called “Excursion” at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Central Jakarta that runs from Jan. 8 to 27. “I like to think of an excursion as an [artistic] journey with a mission,” head curator Frigidanto Agung said, explaining the inspiration behind the exhibition’s name in a recent interview. “Within the mission we can find subjectivity, and that subjectivity is how we act on that journey.” (JP/Anselmo Jason) Going further into the exhibition’s philosophy, Agung believed that the subjectivity of the artists involved could be divided into three main aspects; raga (the body), menjiwai raga (the animation of the body) and jiwa (the spirit within the body). The “body” aspect of the philosophy refers t...