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An alternate look at mundane objects

Almer Mikhail

The Jakarta Post

Bandung  /  Mon, March 29, 2021  /  01:17 pm
An alternate look at mundane objects

A phantom leg on a barstool in ReaR Window's workshop is imperceptible at first glance. (JP/Courtesy of Rear Window/Another Business/Friesnsauce)

The familiarity of objects we encounter everyday conceals the design process the objects have been through. While we often take the thought process behind products for granted, ReaR Window imagines an alternate approach, where the deliberateness of every design decision is laid bare. Described as an open-ended discourse, ReaR Window is a continuous project founded by twin brothers, architect Rama and interior designer Romy Dwiwahyu (25). The practice is a creative musing on objects familiar to their day-to-day practice – a means to explore their disciplines further. The duo’s first experiments took the form of a furniture refurbishment project, where they retrofitted used or abandoned furniture with parts that seem somewhat alien. The project found a kinship with gallery and micro publishers (publishers of a niche market) Friesnsauce and Another Business, which organized R...