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'We can be one of strongest countries in world': Jokowi's full speech

'We can be one of strongest countries in world': Jokowi's full speech President-elect Joko “Jokowi” Widodo (right) joins running mate Ma’ruf Amin in a ceremony in Sentul, Bogor, West Java on Sunday, when he delivers a speech. (Antara/Akbar Nugroho Gumay)
Karina M. Tehusijarana
Jakarta   ●   Mon, July 15, 2019 2019-07-15 14:16 667 0290f9de4aeb62f98549b410b5187602 1 Politics Jokowi,president-elect,presidential-election Free

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo gave his first political speech since his reelection in front of his supporters at the Sentul International Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java.

The speech outlined his priorities for his next term, including infrastructure construction, human resource development and bureaucracy reform. The President also once again called for national unity following the heated presidential elections.

Below is the full text of his speech:

Bapak, Ibu, brother and sister compatriots. All the people of Indonesia whom I love. Ladies and gentlemen of the audience.

We all have to be aware that now we live in a very dynamic global environment. We know the characteristics of this global phenomenon: full of change, full of velocity, full of risk, full of complexity and full of surprises that are far from what we expected.

Because of that, we have to find a new model, a new method and new values when looking for solutions to every problem with innovation and we all have to be willing [to change] and we will force [people] to be willing [to change]. We have to abandon old methods, old patterns, both in managing institutions and in managing government. That which is no longer effective, we will make effective. That which is no longer efficient, we will make efficient!

This is the type of management that we need right now. We have work toward a country that is more productive, that is competitive, that is highly flexible in facing changes. Therefore, we have prepared big stages.

First, we will continue the development of infrastructure. We have already built large infrastructure. Going forward, we will continue building faster and we will connect those large [pieces of] infrastructure, such as toll roads, trains, seaports and airports, with the people's production areas. We will connect them with small industrial areas, with special economic zones, with tourist areas. We will also connect the large infrastructure with farming areas, plantation areas and fishery ponds.

Secondly, the development of human resources. We will prioritize the development of human resources, which is the key to Indonesia's future. The starting point of developing human resources is by guaranteeing the health of pregnant women, babies, toddlers and school children. These are the golden years to create excellent Indonesians for the future. This has to be closely monitored. There cannot be an increase in stunting, maternal mortality, or child mortality. That is where our great task lies!

We will also continue to improve the quality of education. Vocational training and vocational schools are very important. We will also create the Indonesian Talent Management Institution. The government will identify, facilitate and support education and self-improvement for Indonesia's talents.

We have to support talented members of the diaspora so that they can contribute to Indonesia's development. We will create a special institution to manage these great talents who can make this country globally competitive.

Third, we must also invite as much investment as possible in order to create jobs. No one should be allergic to investment. This is how we create as many jobs as possible. Therefore, anything that obstructs investment must be trimmed, such as slow or complicated permit processes, especially illegal levies. Be careful, going forward I guarantee that I will chase, I will control, I will check and I will beat [them] up if necessary! There should no longer be any obstructions to investment because this is the key to creating more jobs.

Fourth, it is very important that we reform our bureaucracy: Structural reform, so that institutions are simpler, more agile. Be careful! If the mindset of the bureaucracy does not change, I guarantee that I will trim it.

The speed of service, the speed of providing permits, is the key to bureaucratic reform. I will check it myself, I will control it myself. The moment I see something that is inefficient or ineffective, I guarantee I will trim it, I will remove the official in charge. Therefore, I need brave ministers. If there is an institution that is not useful and problematic, I will dissolve it.

No more old mindsets! No more linear work, no more routine work, no more monotone work, no more working in the comfort zone. We have to change. We have to develop new values in work because we have to quickly adapt to the times. That is why we have continued to develop an adaptive, productive, innovative and competitive Indonesia.

Fifth, we have to guarantee that the use of the state budget is focused and targeted. We have to ensure that every rupiah that comes out of the state budget has economic utility, provides benefits to the people and improves the public's prosperity.

Ladies and gentlemen, I also have to remind you that these big dreams can only be achieved if we are united, optimistic and confident. We have to remember that our country is a big country, with 17,000 islands, with a strategic geopolitical location. We are a country that is united in diversity and has an amazing wealth of culture. Our demographics are also very strong, with a total population of 267 million, most of whom are in productive age.

We have to be optimistic toward the future! We have to be confident and brave in facing the challenge of global competition. We have to believe that we can be one of the strongest countries in the world.

National unity is the main thing binding us in achieving advancement. We have to continually strengthen our unity and brotherhood. Only by uniting can we become a strong and internationally respected country. The ideology of Pancasila is the only national ideology and every citizen has to be a part of it.

In a democracy, being a die-hard supporter of a candidate is permitted. Supporting [a candidate] militantly is also permitted. Acting as opposition is also very noble. Go ahead. As long as that opposition does not create resentment and hatred, much less become coupled with insults and curses.

We have religious norms, ethics, etiquette and a noble culture.

Pancasila is our collective home as compatriots. There is zero tolerance for those who disturb and take issue with Pancasila. There should no longer be any Indonesians who are not united in diversity, who are intolerant toward differences. There should no longer be any Indonesians who do not respect other religions, other tribes and other ethnicities.

Once again, our ideology is Pancasila. We want to be united in diversity together. Getting along is beautiful. Brotherhood is beautiful. Unity is beautiful.

I am certain that we are all committed to a civilized democracy that upholds the identity and dignity of Indonesia, that will make Indonesia become an advanced, just and prosperous Indonesia.

An advanced Indonesia is an Indonesia where not a single citizen is left behind from achieving their dreams. A democratic Indonesia, whose fruits are enjoyed by all the people. An Indonesia where every citizen has the same rights before the law. An Indonesia that masters knowledge and world-class technology. An Indonesia that can protect and maintain the country in an increasingly competitive world.

This is not about me, or you. And not about us, or them. Not about West or East, or South or North. Now is not the time to think about all that. It is the time to think about our nation as a whole. Don't ever hesitate to move forward because we are capable if we are united!

Thank you.