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Nine parks in Jakarta to enjoy

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Jakarta  /  Sat, June 23, 2018  /  03:11 pm
Nine parks in Jakarta to enjoy

New face: Kalijodo is currently home to a large skate park for children, and on weekends, market stalls sell food and drinks to families. (JP/Seto Wardhana)

Amid its skyscrapers and shopping malls, Jakarta also has parks and open spaces. Many of these places are already equipped with sports facilities to be used by residents. For those who want to take a refreshing break or work out in the morning, here are some parks in the city to visit, according to

Suropati Park

Those who often pass through Menteng, Central Jakarta, may recognize this park. Covered by large trees and equipped with sufficient facilities, among them seating areas and water fountains, the park is suitable for jogging, yoga or other sports in the morning or afternoon. Several groups also often use this park as a place to gather as it is comfortable and clean.

Honda Tebet Park

Situated in Tebet, South Jakarta, Honda Tebet Park is often mentioned as a hidden green space in the capital. A river can be seen inside the park and it has bridges that could serve as good photo spots. A playground, jogging track and picnic spots are provided here.

Cattleya Park

The front gate of Taman Cattleya in West Jakarta. The front gate of Taman Cattleya in West Jakarta. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

Cattleya Park can be reached from Jl. Letjen S. Parman, West Jakarta. It is common to find people exercising here as it has a jogging track as well as fitness and other sports facilities. Medium and small artificial lakes are also available and are often used as fishing spots.

Pluit Reservoir City Park

Taman Kota Waduk Pluit, or Pluit Reservoir City Park, in North Jakarta overlooks a reservoir. Many lay out their picnic mats and enjoy the afternoon view. Facilities include jogging tracks and outdoor fitness equipment.

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Situ Lembang Park

Located on Jl. Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Situ Lembang Park is filled with large trees that provide a relaxing atmosphere for its visitors. It also has a jogging track and a lake with a tall water fountain in the center. The park is child-friendly as well.

Langsat Park

Langsat Park might make you feel as if you have traveled to a different place. Situated behind Barito Market in South Jakarta, Langsat Park is known for its large, tranquil trees and a gentle lake. Come visit this place in the morning for exercise, with the sound of birds chirping away.

Kalijodo Park

Children play at the Kalijodo Park skate park in North Jakarta on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017. Children play at the Kalijodo Park skate park in North Jakarta on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017. (JP/PJ Leo)

Kalijodo Park is one of the new destinations for Jakarta residents. Within the massive 1.4-hectare area, a number of facilities that can be found here include a jogging track, bike lane, skate park, amphitheater, musholla (prayer room), playground, mini library, outdoor gym and restrooms.

Tabebuya Park

Jagakarsa subdistrict in South Jakarta offers a park named Tabebuya. Situated on Jl. Moh. Kahfi, this park is equipped with a garden, a jogging track and sports area.

Spathodea Park

The vast Spathodea Park on Jl. Kebagusan Raya, South Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, has various plantations and trees, including the spathodea (African tulip) tree. Facilities include a jogging track and outdoor gym. There is also a small artificial lake filled with fish, specifically for enjoyment and not for fishing. (wir/wng)