Former C. Java regent sentenced
for forgery

SEMARANG: Former Central Java Sragen regent Untung Wiyono was sentenced to 11 months in prison for being in the possession of a fake high school diploma (SMA) and undergraduate (S1) certificate.

“The defendant is proven guilty of using the forged certificates to contest the regent election,” said presiding judge Togar at the Semarang District Court on Monday.

The fake documents included a certificate from Swadaya High School and another from the School of Economics at Universitas Terbuka (Open University).

Untung, who used the fake documents to run for a second term as regent in 2000, was believed never to have studied at either institutions.

However, the court said Untung did not have to serve his jail sentence due to all the achievements he had made as regent.

Under his leadership, Sragen made 88 achievements at the regional, national and international level. Before his retirement, Untung received an award from the Turkish government for his involvement in developing education.

Previously, Untung was declared innocent by the Semarang Corruption Court in a graft case involving regional budget funds.

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