Local audio podcast app aims to inspire millennials

Jessicha Valentina

The Jakarta Post


Jakarta   /  Sat, September 8, 2018  /  05:09 pm

Inspigo content is also available offline. (Shutterstock/File)

Local audio podcast application Inspigo (Inspiration on the Go) was officially launched on Tuesday.

Founded by Tyo Guritno, Yoris Sebastian and Eva Ditasari, the app offers positive content targeted toward millennials.

Entrepreneur-slash-author Yoris said during a press conference at Menara BCA in Central Jakarta that the Fourth Industrial Revolution was predicted to take place in 2020.

While many jobs would be replaced by machines, several skills, such as people management, are still needed.

Yoris said that there would be new skills to master, and it that it usually took some time for companies to change their training strategies.

"We need agile [learning]. That's why we felt that we need a platform where we can learn and be inspired anytime and anywhere," said Yoris.

Inspigo was created to educate and inspire millennials, providing them with tons of content on developing skills and knowledge.

As a podcast platform, Inspigo caters to the younger generation on the go, allowing them to access it while commuting.

“It is also available offline,” added Tyo.

The podcast is usually seven to nine minutes long. Tyo shared that when they first developed the app last year, they discovered that Indonesians were not into podcasts. Therefore, they decided to make the content short and put it in a playlist format.

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Currently, the on-demand platform offers several categories, namely skills for the future, mindfulness, self-improvement and career development.  

“Skills for the future includes various topics, such as people management, complex problem solving and cognitive flexibility,” Tyo said.

“A few months ago, we introduced mindfulness and it [became an instant] hit,” he said. “Although we have music, Inspigo users were thirsty for [educational] content,” he said.

Yoris added that they were currently focusing on content for working millennials and that they also started producing content for entrepreneurs.

“Usually the audience [makes] requests [for specific content],” Yoris said, adding that they preferred to choose topics based on Inspigoers' (Inspigo users) requests. (wng)