‘Wiro Sableng’ releases bloopers, deleted scenes

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Jakarta   /  Mon, September 10, 2018  /  05:38 pm

Wiro Sableng (Vino G. Bastian) surrounded by four Brewok from Sanggreng Cave (Habibie Alatas, Hardi Sulaiman, Cupink Topan and Asta Nurcahya).(twitter.com/lalatimothy/File)

After attracting more than 1 million audience members, Indonesian action-drama film Wiro Sableng has released bloopers and deleted scenes to further engage its fans.

On Twitter, the movie's producer, Sheila “Lala” Timothy, shared four short videos. One of the bloopers features a fight scene between Wiro Sableng (Vino G. Bastian) and Kalingundil (Dian Sidik), where Vino had to slap Dian’s face several times to get the right take. Another blooper scene features Bidadari Angin Timur (Marsha Timothy), who had to “fly” from a height of 10 meters while wearing a dress that weighed 10 kilograms before landing on a rock. 

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Meanwhile, a deleted scene shows the moment when Wiro, Bujang Gila Tapak Sakti (Fariz Alfarazi), Pangeran (Yusuf Mahardika), Rara Murni (Aghniny Haque), Anggini (Sherina Munaf) and one of the antagonists, Brewok, gather at a river. Rara seems to be injured from her last fight and Wiro tries to have a conversation with her, while Anggini curiously watches them from a rock.

The videos are available on the film's official Instagram and YouTube. (wir/kes)