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True or false: Drinking ice-cold water leads to weight gain

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Hello Sehat

Hidup Sehat Hidup Bahagia

Jakarta  /  Tue, August 2, 2016  /  05:34 pm
True or false: Drinking ice-cold water leads to weight gain

The effects of drinking cold water could be different for each person, depending on internal and external factors. (Shutterstock/-)

A study has shown that drinking a lot of water helps with weight loss. What if the water is ice cold?

The body is comprised of more than 70 percent water. Water is an essential part of our body and can be said to be the secret to living longer as it helps with the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs, regulates body temperature, moistures the skin, assists digestion and filters toxins, plus not drinking liquids for a couple of days could lead to death.

Activities under direct sunlight, exercise in mild weather and other activities that require many movements result in sweating. It feels so refreshing to drink a glass of ice-cold water afterward.

As you lose water through perspiration, you need to replace the fluid. The advice “drink eight glasses of water per day” should be heeded as it helps prevent dehydration and boosts metabolism.

However, some people may worry that they may gain weight if they drink cold water. Worry not as this has been proven to be a myth.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism says that drinking cold water can actually help you to lose weight. In fact, water has zero calories, so it is impossible that drinking water — cold or room temperature — causes weight gain.

Cold water increases the metabolic rate. When cold water enters the body, carbs and fat are burned to produce energy, which in turn produces heat and balances the temperature of the core body system.

Drinking a lot of water every day helps to replace the water lost through sweat and urination. So do not worry about adding more ice cubes to a glass of water. Note that this not have a significant impact on weight loss as much as a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The effects of drinking cold water may be different for each person, depending on internal and external factors. Internal factors could relate to the immune system and how the body responds to something that has a low temperature. The external factors can be weather and activities.

Remember that the theory only applies when you drink ice cold mineral water. Coke, iced tea and iced coffee don’t count.

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What are the benefits of drinking water?

- After 30-40 minutes of drinking water there is increased metabolism. Therefore, it is better to drink water often, not only when you are thirsty but also as many as eight to 12 glasses every day.

- Live longer. Since water helps transport oxygen to and from the heart, it reduces the risk of heart attack. The heart is the center of our lives. When the heart is healthy, it reduces the risk of getting a lot health-related diseases.

- When you feel a dizzy or have a headache while at work, drink a glass of water. The Neurology journal cites that people who get migraines could decrease the pain by adding six glasses of water to their usual daily intake. Do this for two weeks. Sometimes a headache is a sign of dehydration.

- Drinking plenty of water prevents stress and helps boost brainpower. When the oxygen reaches the optimal level, it benefits mental performance, increases the level of focus and helps you to think well.

- Studies found that drinking plenty of water makes you look younger because water gives moisture to skin and replaces water lost from sweat and urination.

So remember to drink more water every day by taking bottled water with you wherever you go. (kes)

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