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11 benefits of garlic that may surprise you

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Jakarta  /  Sun, November 5, 2017  /  08:03 am
11 benefits of garlic that may surprise you

If you suffer from acne, rubbing a bit of garlic on the problem area may help. (Shutterstock/File)

We use garlic in many timeless dishes, like steak and pasta. But according to Reader’s Digest, garlic can be used for more than just flavor.

Makes your hair great

Garlic is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss. Simply rub some sliced garlic onto your scalp then squeeze it for optimal effect. This method can also be used to prevent dandruff. 

Gets rid of acne

If you suffer from acne, rubbing a bit of garlic on the problem area may help. The garlic’s natural antioxidants clear the skin of unsightly acne-related blemishes.

Cold remedy

Because it's rich in antioxidants, garlic has become a very useful cold remedy. So when you're coughing and sneezing at home, try drinking a cup of garlic tea. It's made simply by mixing minced garlic and hot water. Just remember to filter out the garlic before drinking to soften the taste.

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Clears your skin

Garlic seems to have helpful properties that are great for your face overall, but it gets even better. Apart from fighting acne, it can also smooth out psoriasis and skin inflammation.

Reduce fat 

In addition to smoothing out your skin, garlic can also control fat stores. A Korean study has discovered that mice’s fat stores decreased when they were subjected to a daily 2 to 5 percent garlic intake in their diet. 

Great for removing splinters

Splinters are painful and annoying. Being an antibiotic and antiinflammatory, garlic can be taped on top of the affected area to relieve pain and reduce swelling. 

Get rid of athlete’s foot 

Another one of garlic’s many benefits is its antifungal properties. It’s great for getting rid of itchy athlete’s foot just mix some crushed garlic in a bucket of warm water and let your feet soak.

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Keep mosquitoes out of sight

Scientists may not know why exactly, but a recent study in India has shown that mosquitoes tend to stay away from people wearing a local garlic-based repellent consisting of petroleum jelly, beeswax and garlic oil. But putting cloves of garlic nearby should also do the trick.

Cure cold sores

Garlic's antinflammatory properties can help get rid of cold sores easily when placed directly on top of the affected area. 

Used as a glue

Those who cook with garlic know that it tends to stick to their hands when they mince it. In fact, it can be so sticky that people have used its naturally sticky chemicals for their car’s cracked windshield.

Attract fish

It turns out that fish absolutely love the scent of garlic. Much of the bait sold in stores already has the smell built into it. Any person can make their own bait from leftover food at home just remember to add lots of garlic. (ezr/kes)