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Beware, smartphone hackers may be lurking in public ports

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The Jakarta Post

-  /  Sat, June 16, 2018  /  06:03 pm
Beware, smartphone hackers may be lurking in public ports

Be careful when charging your smartphones in public places. (Shutterstock/File)

Mudik (exodus) travelers are advised to avoid plugging their smartphones into charging ports in public places to minimize the possibility of cyber hacking.

“[Charging ports] in public places may look safe, but they could put your smartphone at risk of hacking,” said information technology observer Yudhi Kukuh to Antara.

Yudhi explained that cyber hacking had evolved as technology became more advanced. In the past, hacking required an internet service, but now it can easily be done via smartphone charging stations. This means that public areas like airports, railway stations, rest areas and restaurants could be vulnerable.

This threat, also known as "juice jacking", reportedly could be performed via a USB cable.

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“Hackers may have access to your phone when you charge it at a public port,” said Yudhi, adding that the accessible data may include your contact lists. The hacker may also be able to install dangerous code into your device.

Hence, Yudhi advised travelers to be careful whenever they charged their smartphones during their trips. It is best to charge your smartphones at home or the office, or use your own power bank and cable.

“Smartphone owners also have to lock their phone so it cannot be accessed and, therefore, is free from cyber hacking,” Yudhi said. “But remember that such hacking is done in a matter of seconds, so make sure that your phone is always locked.” (wir/kes)