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Mpu Purwa Museum holds Malang's artifacts

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Jakarta  /  Mon, July 16, 2018  /  10:03 pm
Mpu Purwa Museum holds Malang's artifacts

Mpu Purwa Museum in Malang, East Java, holds a collection of 136 artifacts, from the era of King Mpu Sindok to the Majapahit empire. (Instagram/mpu_purwa/-)

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendi opened the Mpu Purwa Museum in Malang, East Java, on Saturday, reports

The museum is dedicated to the historic role Malang played in early Indonesian history, from the era of King Mpu Sindok in the eighth century to the Majapahit empire that reigned from 1293 to 1500.

With a collection of 136 artifacts, including sculptures and inscriptions originating back in Indonesia’s Hindu-Buddhist era, the museum is named after a Brahmin from Tumapel, East Java, whose daughter Ken Dedes became the first queen of the Singhasari empire.

A total of 58 artifacts from the collection are on public display.

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Malang Tourism and Culture Agency head Ida Ayu Made Wahyuni said that various historical items were still in the possession of individuals, as the discoveries were spread across Indonesia.

Muhadjir said the government had prepared funds for the preservation of Indonesian culture.

“We now have our own budget for culture. Hopefully, by the year 2019 we will also have an allocation of funds for this. The current funding is not sufficient,” Effendi said.

The plan to allocate funds for Indonesian culture is stipulated in Law No. 5/2017 on cultural advancement. (anm/wng)