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Bold as love: How Fender uses cloud computing to sell guitars

M. Taufiqurrahman

The Jakarta Post

Las Vegas, United States  /  Fri, November 30, 2018  /  05:41 pm
Bold as love: How Fender uses cloud computing to sell guitars

Two of the items set to be auctioned by Guernsey's on Dec. 2 at Bohemian Hall in New York City: Jimi Hendrix's 1967 Electric Guild Starfire V (left) and Paul McCartney's 1953 Gold Gibson Les Paul. (Guernsey's/File)

Digital and analog technologies have long stood apart and never the twain shall meet. The guitar is one of the major musical instruments that has remained doggedly resistant to digital progress, and, as most guitar players know, the best sound the instrument can produce comes via a tube amplifier, a technology that thrived in the 1950s. United States guitar manufacturer Fender has, however, found new ways to harness the power of digital technology and use it to spread the gospel of rock n’ roll to a new generation of players. Fender is the market leader in acoustic and electric guitar manufacturing. Its market share in 2017 in the US was 37.2 percent, putting it ahead of Gibson with 32.8 percent and C.F. Martin with 10.9 percent. Guitars manufactured by Fender are the instrument of choice for some of the biggest names in music today including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheer...