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‘Seismic Cities’ raises disaster mitigation awareness through art

Arya Dipa

The Jakarta Post

Bandung, West Java  /  Wed, April 24, 2019  /  05:54 pm
 ‘Seismic Cities’ raises disaster mitigation awareness through art

Man and the fault: Visitors to the Seismic Cities exhibition look at 'In Fault', an installation by Ackay Deni. The work centers on the earthquake risks from the Lembang Fault that lurks beneath greater Bandung. (JP/Arya Dipa)

Artists and scientists from Indonesia, Chile and the United Kingdom join forces to remind the public of the importance of disaster mitigation in the Seismic Cities exhibition. The exhibition runs from April 19 to 29 at the Orbital Dago, Bandung. Artist Deni Ramdani, better known as Ackay Deni, represents Indonesia in the exhibition with his installation In Fault. Ackay created a male figure, which was molded out of his body and suspended it in the air. The entire figure is covered with a wide map of greater Bandung, which shows a red line stretching from Mount Palintang in eastern Bandung to Padalarang regency in the west. The red line signifies the Lembang Fault, a major risk haunting at least 2.5 million people living in the area. The installation is based on the Lembang fault expedition, which Ackay, other artists, as well as professionals in geography, natural r...