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Dear Jane: Pratiwi Juliani’s contemplation on love affairs

A. Kurniawan Ulung

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sun, June 16, 2019  /  03:50 pm
Dear Jane: Pratiwi Juliani’s contemplation on love affairs

Pratiwi Juliani (JP/A. Kurniawan Ulung)

Dear Jane, the debut novel of writer Pratiwi Juliani, talks about how love can prompt anyone to reveal their darkest side. Published by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, Pratiwti’s Dear Jane is the story of an affair between Jane and Andri, a married man, and her love for Alex, a photographer. 'Dear Jane' by Pratiwi Juliani (Goodreads/-) Jane first meets Andri, who is 20 years older and a married man with two children, incidentally in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During that first meeting, Jane and Andri learn that they share the same love of jazz music. A conversation about that genre quickly brings them closer together.  The longer she chats with him, the more she has a crush on him. To her, age is just a number, and he is physically attractive with his sharp jawline, soft lips and cleft chin. The topic of the discussion that connects the two then expands from...