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‘Gallery of Anxiety’: visualizing the angst of adulthood

Josa Lukman

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, June 19, 2019  /  01:30 pm
‘Gallery of Anxiety’: visualizing the angst of adulthood

Ray Shabir. (JP/Josa Lukman)

The personal issues that come with the anxiety of transitioning into adulthood, coupled with the state of the world right now, makes becoming an adult as challenging as any point in history. Anxiety, in an age when mental health is becoming increasingly less taboo to talk about, is a common theme of discussion, as it’s something many people can relate to. On display: "The Gallery of Anxiety" borrows its name from a poem in Ray Shabir's debut book "Public Feelings & Other Acts". (JP/Josa Lukman) However, in conservative Indonesia, normal conversations about anxiety, of course, are still rare, and this is what makes Public Feelings & Other Acts, a book written by writer Ray Shabir, feel so refreshing. Anxiety around topics like post-graduate blues, marriage and even existential crises is discussed in a way that connects deeply to today’s youths. As a w...