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Jakpost Taste Test: Donuts

Muthi Achadiat Kautsar
Muthi Achadiat Kautsar

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, July 6, 2019  /  03:02 pm
Jakpost Taste Test: Donuts

Some Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts, a couple of J.CO 'glazzy' donuts and some Dunkin Donuts with different flavors for the Jakpost Taste Test. (JP/Muthi Kautsar)

Many of us these days would only eat a donut on cheat days, but the ring-shaped sweet fried dough snack is unlikely to lose its popularity, especially as long as there is coffee to go with it.

Donuts are often chosen as treats on special occasions for schoolmates or co-workers, indicating that they are somehow linked to happiness.

When looking for donuts in Jakarta, a brand that has been popular for decades is America’s Dunkin’ Donuts which entered Indonesia in 1985, followed by the homegrown J.CO Donuts whose first store opened in Jakarta in 2006, and Krispy Kreme which has also been in Indonesia for more than 10 years.

The Jakarta Post took the sweet fried dough taste test on Wednesday, featuring donuts from the three aforementioned brands.


Primastuti Handayani (Yani): A Post journalist who prefers to eat donut(s) with black coffee (be it dripped or pressed although her favorite is siphoned). She has to limit her donut intake due to the high calories even in a bite.

Tama Salim: A sweet tooth by trade (or more as a result of the long hours of his trade), the Post journalist hopes to someday be paid to just eat. Chronic water gulper and oversensitive nose-owner.

Nurul Fitri Ramadhani (Fifi): Journalist at the Post, covering politics and national issues. When off-duty, she makes rissoles that many colleagues find addictive.

The tasting panel for Jakpost's donuts taste test.The tasting panel for Jakpost's donuts taste test. (JP/Muthi Kautsar)

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J.CO Donuts Glazzy (donut dipped in light honey glaze)

Price: Rp 8,000 per donut

Yani: This donut has quite a smooth texture, not too sweet but there is still a slight taste of flour.

Tasty meter: 

Tama: Donuts from J.CO already have thier own reputation, especially the glazzy one as it is complimentary with every purchase of coffee at the store. But yes, this donut is delicious, although the shape is rather sagging. It is not too sweet, and the texture is okay for me.

Tasty meter: 

Fifi: This J.CO donut is fluffy, as usual. I find the sweet glaze delicious, but it is not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness.

Tasty meter: 

Krispy Kreme original glazed

Price: Rp 4,125 per donut including 50 percent discount


A post shared by Krispy Kreme Indonesia (@krispykremeid) on

Yani: The glaze is rather too sweet for me, but it has a really nice texture, which is light although the shape looks firm. But it has to be consumed alongside black coffee, and there is this creamy flavor that comes from the sugar, so delicious. This is the one that I like the most.

Tasty meter: 

Tama: It’s hefty. The glaze is thick, and now that it is compared side by side with another donut, I can feel the difference. It looks firm but feels airy with each bite. This donut should pair well with black coffee.

Tasty meter: 

Fifi: It is soft, not as sweet as the one that J.CO has. I taste a hint of cream and it melts in the mouth.

Tasty meter: 

Dunkin Donuts triple chocolate and strawberry frosted mochi ring

(The Post tried to order the classic honey dip donut but the food delivery app driver bought other flavors)

Price: Rp 8,250 per donut (buy five get one free)

Yani: This donut has more density, and with a pronounced dark chocolate flavor, there is a dash of bitterness to balance the sweetness. The dough is firmer [than the other two].

Tasty meter: 

Tama: This is mochi. Dunkin has always been making firm-textured donuts, but the glaze is the most delicious. I go for this mochi because of its chewy texture. The strawberry glaze with colorful sprinkles makes it “classic American”. It’s commercial, its glaze is sweeter than those of Krispy Kreme’s and Dunkin’s, and there is probably a nostalgic feeling to this donut. It hits me at heart. [But] probably at the stomach.

Tasty meter: 

Fifi: The taste of chocolate in this triple chocolate donut is very strong, and the texture is firmer than the one from Krispy Kreme, but probably because of the chocolate filling.

Tasty meter: 

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