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Chefs join hands to put Indonesian cuisine on world map

Rita Widiadana

The Jakarta Post

Ubud, Bali  /  Wed, July 31, 2019  /  03:27 pm
Chefs join hands to put Indonesian cuisine on world map

Level up: Hans Christian (center), chef de cuisine of Jakarta's View Restaurant and Bar, collaborates with young talented chefs presenting Pescatarian Paradise Fine Dining at Padi Fine Dining Restaurant in Ubud, Bali. Christian dedicates his professional career to elevating traditional Indonesian cuisine onto the world food map. (Ubud Food Festival/Wayan Martino)

“The food is weird: spicy but tasty,” said an American foodie when experiencing nasi rendang – a plate of rice served with spicy beef rendang originally from Minangkabau of West Sumatra – for the first time. Despite the fact that rendang was dubbed one of the world’s most delicious foods by a CNN survey in 2018, the majority of Westerners have never tasted nasi rendang or any other types of Indonesian dishes. The wide gap between Eastern and Western culinary traditions has made it difficult for people in the West to try the dishes of different cultures. “It is important to provide comprehensive information on each food introduced to my guests. Telling the cultural background, ingredients and flavors of any traditional dish may arouse the interests of foreigners to try the food. Storytelling has proven effective to introduce Indonesian cuisine ...