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Trilogy about legendary Queen Shima enters final chapter

Medina Rahma Putri

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, September 16, 2019  /  05:01 pm
Trilogy about legendary Queen Shima enters final chapter

Final chapter: People involved in the nation’s creative industry unite for the performance of ‘Shima, Sang Ratu Adil’ in 2020. (JP/Medina Rahma Putri)

Queen Shima was a historic figure of legendary proportions who ruled the Kalingga Kingdom in central Java in the 7th century. Her well-known integrity, sense of justice and fairness have inspired Indonesians until today. During Shima’s 21-year rule, her kingdom reached its golden period, when it was at its peak in both agriculture and trading. As a queen, she made her kingdom diverse and tolerant with many people of different religions, cultures and ethnicities allowed to earn their livings there. Shima also managed to instill integrity in her people. Because of this, a royal from the Middle East once decided to test Shima and her people by leaving a bag of gold in the middle of a road. Almost no one dared to touch the bag and the only person who did was Shima’s own son, Narayana, with his foot. Shima, in order to maintain the integrity of her governance, ruled that ...